March 3, 2022

Guide to Spotlights to Illuminate Stone Wall

Guide to find out which spotlights to illuminate stone walls to use, enhancing these elegant external walls through the correct garden lighting.

LED spotlights for stone wall lighting

LED technology has made a significant contribution to the lighting field, including situations in which you want to obtain fantastic stone wall lighting, whether external or internal.

We all know the classic advantages of LEDs by now; therefore, the colour temperature of your choice, the average duration of 50,000 hours and consumption up to 10 times lower than incandescent spotlights.

But the benefit that interests us is the possibility of exploiting different beams of light of various widths that will allow us to play with the rays of the spotlights for lighting stone walls and obtain the effects that we like best.

These light beams, precisely to illuminate a stone wall with LED spotlights, can be channelled with dichroic deflectors or with secondary optics such as lenses. Generally, if a manufacturer offers the same spotlight that can be optioned between different light beams, it has good products for External Facade Lighting.

The Charm of the Stone Walls

Stone walls are an architectural feature typical of the historic centres of some cities, but very often, they are made in modern and contemporary residential complexes also in fake stone. It is the new trend of architecture, creating style using stones that are commonly present in the houses where they are used.

Stone walls or walls covered in faux stone are used both to furnish the interiors and to embellish and enrich the external walls. They are recommended by architects and desired by those who love style. The stone-clad walls have a massive, austere, classy and very elegant appearance.

Very often, however, these walls fail to fully show their charm, and it is not possible to sufficiently illuminate the stone wall permitting. Most of the time they lack proper stone lighting, which does not allow you to appreciate the quality of the wall, its irregularity and its squaring. In the following paragraphs we offer you advice on How to Illuminate a Stone Wall.

Lights to illuminate stone wall enhancing it

The texture of the stone is pleasing to the eye and by providing adequate light it can be elegant, romantic and very relaxing.

Walls of this type must therefore be illuminated at night, otherwise they lose some of their beauty. A beautiful wall during the day if not illuminated with artificial light will be insignificant at night.

Choosing the position and the light beam of the spotlight to illuminate the stone walls is very important, it affects the final result.

Modern stone walls can be original, i.e. made with massive agglomerates or coated, the most common solution, i.e. concrete walls covered with stone tiles.

For the first type no glue is used, they are also called dry walls, while in the case in which two different materials must be joined, special mortars, glues are used. In all cases we are faced with important architectural elements, imposing from the point of view of robustness and solidity.

The irregularity of the stone, sometimes in relief, if properly illuminated allows the creation of very suggestive light and dark areas.

Choosing the right color temperature of the lights to illuminate a stone wall also has its importance in enhancing it.

The white LED light highlights the irregularity of the stone, enhancing the natural protrusions. While using warm light spotlights will prevail the colors of the walls which if made with colored stones will increase the aesthetic result.

Types of spotlights to illuminate stone walls

The ways to illuminate stone walls with outdoor LED spotlights are mainly 4:

  • From top to bottom providing more or less diffused light with wall spotlights;
  • With double emission from the center of the wall more or less diffused light;
  • from bottom to top adjacent to the wall providing accent light;
  • from bottom to top by placing the spotlight at a safe distance to provide well-diffused light evenly on the wall.

To achieve these effects, different devices with different light beams can be used for Illuminating Stone Walls with LED Spotlights.

From above, adjustable spotlights will be used with a more or less wide beam also depending on the height of the stone wall to be illuminated.

For example, if the wall is very high, you will have to use spotlights with a narrow beam and very close to each other in order to illuminate the wall in all its length and width.

Double light emission wall lights or spotlights should be placed in the center of the wall and are widely used for lighting the stone walls of modern homes and structures.

Recessed outdoor LED spotlights, on the other hand, are the ideal products for lighting external walls of this type from below, using accent light to create high visual impact chiaroscuro.

Finally, to illuminate uniformly from below on the wall, you can use adjustable spotlights to be installed on the floor even if more often they are led spotlights to be placed in the ground, because they must be at a safe distance to allow the light to be distributed in the best possible way. light up the stone wall.

Spotlights in indoor stone wall lighting

How to light up an internal stone wall? If the stone wall is internal, the solutions proposed by the lighting technicians are reduced. In fact, in this case, to have a profitable Stone Wall Lighting, the solution is to create a plasterboard ceiling with recessed spotlights, perhaps directional to direct the light towards the stone claddings for interiors.

If it is not possible to carry out masonry works, the only possibility is to use floor lamps with different heights to be moved to your liking to change the lighting Stone walls of both the wall and the entire room.

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