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what is THE VegetableGARDEN?

Having a vegetable garden in the garden is not an exaggerated, tiring, and unsuitable job for the less experienced. Hearing our grandparents, who told us about difficult times, where they worked many hours in the field and with a lot of effort, created in our minds a false image where work in the garden is something to be avoided.

Vegetable Garden Top view
Simple tips for creating a colorful and spectacular vegetable garden even in the city
Cultivating the vegetable garden to relax the care of plants and vegetables to reduce stress and eliminate negative energies

Having a vegetable garden is not hard work and effort, but a hobby, a relaxing pleasure, which gives a lot of satisfaction and delicious food.

Creating a vegetable garden in your garden means having the possibility not only to eat organic vegetables and vegetables but, above all, to eat something that you will see germinate and grow, that you will take care of with love and passion, giving a genuinely unique satisfaction! Moreover, it is not tricky; follow a few small steps, and the result is guaranteed!

Vegetable garden: preparation of the land

The first step in creating your garden is preparing the soil. Do you have that corner of the garden full of weeds, and you don’t know what to do with it? Perfect! Creating a small vegetable garden there will give you the most appropriate way to fully benefit from the land at your disposal. Choose a sunny spot, cut the grass and rake it. With a spade, remove the soil, at least to a depth of ten centimeters. Fertilize with fresh organic fertilizer and water abundantly! Do not overdo the fertilizer; otherwise, you will make the earth acidic. With these few steps, the soil is ready to start your crops. If you are not dedicated to physical effort, even if minimal, it will be enough with four simple wooden boards to create a small flowerbed filled with universal soil.

Vegetable garden: choice of crops

Once the soil has been prepared, you will have to move on to the choice of crops. First of all, remember that if you create a small vegetable garden in your garden, it is for your consumption, so think about the vegetables and vegetables you like best. Once you have a list of what you want to plant and eat, choose what you will grow based on the time of year you are in. Even if currently in supermarkets we find vegetables of any kind all year round, know that there are winter vegetables and summer vegetables! Therefore, be well informed about the sowing periods of the various vegetables. If you can, prepare a small irrigation system, which is also simple to build unless you want to use a watering can.

Vegetable garden: Vegetable garden: maintenance

Now only the diary work is missing. Don’t worry; it’s nothing exceptional! You don’t have to wake up at dawn or spend hours and hours in the sun with a hoe in your hand. A little dedication and a little diary time will be enough to ensure that your garden can be enviable! You have to be careful to rinse in the right quantities, weed out, and be cautious of diseases and pests. This will be enough, and you will see that in a short time, you will be able to benefit from the fruits of your work! If you are interested in creating a small vegetable garden in the garden, but you do not have a garden or land, since you live in a condominium in the city center, there is a solution to this problem too! With the techniques of the urban vegetable garden and vertical gardens, you can grow your favorite vegetables without any limit, even on the house’s balcony!



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