May 16, 2022

Spring is coming! Discover our tips for creating a garden that will amaze all your guests!

Spring is knocking on our doors and we don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Do you have a house with a garden? Today we will give you creative and customizable ideas to make garden coverings the ideal place to breathe the mild spring air and enjoy the first rays of the sun.

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into the kingdom of spring? Immerse yourself in reading and discover our little secrets for a “WOW!” Flooring.


External garden cladding

To make the most of your outdoor space and take a break from everyday life, you can create relaxation areas or real outdoor lounges.

The starting point for making these spaces usable is the flooring of the area, where you will then go to insert furniture and decorative elements.

Before implementation, it is necessary, with the help of an expert, to draw up a project that takes into account the needs of space and costs, and that provides for a correct choice of the type and characteristics of the materials to be used. As you well know, external materials are the most exposed to the action of atmospheric agents, which is why it is important to choose resistant and long-lasting materials.

We have selected the most popular and resistant garden coverings for you.

Garden coverings with natural materials: wood, pallets, gravel, and stone

Natural materials give the environment a warm and welcoming atmosphere, blend well with the natural landscape, and are one of the most sustainable solutions from an environmental point of view.

Among the most used and less invasive materials are, example, stones, wood, gravel, and stones, which can also be recycled and are all available in nature.

A type of cheap DIY outdoor flooring is the wooden one that perfects the outdoor space and helps transform your outdoor space into a functional and hospitable environment where you can host outdoor evenings with friends and relatives, small parties, or receptions according to the available space.

Another economical and very sustainable solution is the pellet coating. A very versatile material made entirely of wood, perfect for giving life to garden floors or decks. Like wood, pellets integrate perfectly with the environment without distorting their appearance.

Even the paving with stones or gravel is among the most popular, mainly due to the advantage they offer to those who own gardens with irregular areas (for example up and down, higher parts). This type of coating is the best outflow of rainwater. What can be the hassle for some? Periodically, the materials will be redistributed evenly with the help of a rake.


Finally, one of the simplest natural materials to apply is the stone slabs to be placed directly on the ground. The slabs must be at least 2 centimeters thick and can be positioned both attached and at a distance so that the grass grows in the middle. The result? A very natural effect.

Garden coverings in artificial material: PVC and porcelain stoneware
Artificial materials are all those materials made through industrial processes and their use is recommended above all in humid areas or with strong thermal excursions.

Wood-effect PVC flooring for outdoors
Among the cheapest materials is plastic, which has now entered the list of materials available for the creation of floors and walls. The advantages of plastic garden coverings? They last for years and require very little maintenance.

Plastic flooring for the garden, and PVC flooring for exteriors, offer a wide choice of different shades and effects, plus they allow you to save money and at the same time prove to be a resistant and long-lasting coating. Furthermore, thanks also to solutions to wood-effect PVC flooring for outdoors, the same effect as natural materials can be obtained.


PVC is obtained from the combination of vinyl chloride with plastic substances, it is an elastic, resistant, light, economical, and above all extremely customizable material. The biggest advantage? Its particular resistance makes it a possible solution also for outdoor flooring in environments subject to perturbations. The installation and maintenance phases, among other things, can be carried out without excessive costs thanks to the do-it-yourself labor.

The PVC, thanks to its particular composition, allows you to combine different materials to customize the external coating to your liking. Floors made with this system are 100% recyclable, do not scratch, and prevent the passage of water.

Another resistant and versatile material for outdoor flooring is certainly porcelain stoneware.


Super resistant to chemical and atmospheric attacks, it does not deteriorate over time, very easy to clean, if chosen in light colors, which have a high solar reflectance index, the material absorbs little heat and does not burn, and above all, it does not require seasonal maintenance or treatments specific.

External coverings in porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware has a suitable installation for any type of environment and can be easily removed for use elsewhere. The installation can be done directly on gravel and sand, or directly on grass, or raised floors can be created with supports such as fixed or adjustable feet, or you can opt for the traditional installation with glue on a cement screed. Porcelain stoneware is available with wood or stone effect for exterior cladding, giving you a very natural effect,


Also on the market, the concrete effect for lovers of a more industrial style has a single color tone, a natural and sober filigree that allows for a truly unique outdoor space.

For those who love a more rustic style, they can choose the terracotta effect. In this case, the garden tile is perfectly suited not only to rustic and vintage style but also to minimalist furnishings. It gives the garden notes of comfort and warmth thanks to its natural tone.


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