Garden design: guide, ideas, costs and estimate

What is a garden?

On this page, we talk about garden design. We will deal with topics such as how to design a good garden, some ideas, and advice, examples of our design work, as well as costs and estimates for the design of your garden.

The design of the gardens is fundamental in the process of creating green spaces. Regardless of whether they are private or public gardens, design is the first act in the path of creating the garden. Designing and creating greenery presupposes interdisciplinarity. Which is the basis for determining the multiple aspects that landscape groups together.

Every aspect of the garden must be evaluated in the planning stage. Thus avoiding bad surprises during the execution phases. Each project has a theme, which is repeated in all the choices made by the designer. The theme is the soul of the garden and must fully represent the customer’s sensitivity. Even before the designer’s personal ego. The green spaces must in any case be used and their design must be functional to the activities that take place on the site.

What is a garden design and how to design your dream garden design how to do it?

Any action that takes place outside must find adequate space in the garden setting. Transforming the same into a natural extension of the house. The task of specialized technicians and gardeners is to transfer the designer’s ideas to the field.

Thus materializing a design intuition into real emotion. Best Landscape Design with its studio brings together experts in the field of landscape architecture, agronomy, hydraulics, and botany in order to develop a project with a high technical and landscape profile.

His great experience of him in the field of nursery production allows designers to have access to a large number of different plants in terms of needs, color, shape, and bearing. With the possibility also to find plant species from all parts of the world. Through an always targeted botanical research.

It allows designers to access their imagination in total freedom. Without any constraints dictated by the availability of plants at the time of execution. The Best Landscape Design technical studio is able to provide technical support in all construction phases. Through construction management is attentive to the needs of the construction site. The gardeners involved in the creation of the garden are highly specialized. Perfectly able to coordinate their respective filmmaking teams.

From earth movement to the definition of land profiles. From the installation of large tree specimens carried out with appropriate mechanical means to the installation of the plant species envisaged in the project. From the design and construction of the irrigation and lighting systems to the maintenance of the garden, everything is taken care of with attention and passion.

The above in order to make you fully enter into our way of creating, into our world.

how to design your garden well

The garden has always been considered an outdoor area and, if we want, extraneous to the house, today it is gaining more and more importance, gaining a prominent place within the architectural design.

No longer an external area but an extension of the house itself, therefore not only plants and flowers but also architectural elements such as walls and floors that reflect the external and internal architecture of the house for a perfectly harmonious environment. Garden design is a particular operation that must take into account a series of elements: spaces, personal tastes, functionality, lighting, the irrigation system, the choice of plants or flowers, all this trying to minimize maintenance.

How to design a garden The garden thus becomes a small oasis of peace, in which you can isolate yourself from the daily grind and experience moments of pure and regenerating relaxation, alone or with your family. A place where nature and technology come together to offer maximum peace and comfort.

In the design of the garden, of course, a predominant role is played by green in all its facets, the perfect combination of plants and flowers, but also the combination of colors is very important to make a garden harmonious and spectacular.

Whatever your idea of ​​a garden, small, large, English, or the Mediterranean, you cannot ignore the design.

Do-it-yourself design is certainly cheaper than that entrusted to expert designers, today on the web it is possible to take advantage of programs, some even free or in 3D, through which you can fix the initial idea and the first one on the PC phase of the design. Each type of garden has a different philosophy and conception of taste, among other things, and this also requires a different design:

The English garden was born in the eighteenth century and a garden that is essentially characterized by its irregular shapes and somewhat wild nature, a green space that invites exploration. An English garden can also be reproduced in limited areas but it is obvious that to perform at its best it will need large spaces.
The Italian garden was born in Italy around the fifteenth century in noble villas, it is an elegant garden, the hedges with geometric and well-defined shapes and perfectly distributed colors create an orderly, harmonious and refined environment.
The Mediterranean garden perfectly reproduces the scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub, it is a well-kept garden but at the same time, it must be left a little in the wild. What characterizes the Mediterranean garden is also the presence of trees with large foliage, in order to create shade, and of succulent plants, resistant to the climate and which do not require frequent irrigation.
Whatever kind of garden you prefer, it certainly pays more if you have a certain space available but can easily be reproduced even in more limited spaces, such as a terrace. In this way, even nature lovers who live in the city center and hardly have access to an outdoor green area will still be able to take advantage of their terraces by creating a tailor-made garden.

Garden design tips and ideas

In designing the garden, whatever your preference, you must first of all:

  • study the space available
  • climatic conditions
  • the type of soil
  • lighting


the choice of plants and the possibility that they coexist together both from a climatic and purely aesthetic point of view.
garden design ideas After an initial evaluation that takes into account all these elements, you can decide to further embellish the garden with the use of some materials that may be of interest and visually pleasing.


 In this regard, it is possible, for example, to use stones and rocks for your garden, or to embellish it with the use of gazebos. It is also important to pay attention to the lighting of your garden. In fact, thanks to the lighting, it is possible to decorate the garden with little and make it available all day, even then for a dinner or a barbecue with friends, or an evening event. Let’s see in detail how to use these decorative elements within your garden.

Stones and rocks, are useful for delimiting flower beds, borders or a certain space within the garden. Given the fact that the borders interact with the surrounding space, it is always good to keep in mind that a common thread must be followed in their choice that takes into account the external space. There are different types on the market, from the most rustic rocks to the classic bricks, the important thing is to know how to juggle and choose the ones that best match your taste and the style of the garden and your home;

Gazebos and pergolas. If your garden includes a large enough area, you can opt for gazebos or pergolas which, in addition to beautifying and making your garden more pleasant, are extremely functional, creating shaded areas in which you can regenerate on hot summer days;

The use of accessories such as umbrellas, tables or real wicker lounges for outdoors will give your garden a chic touch. Another tip is to indulge yourself with the colors of the fabrics and cushions, combining them with the colors of your flowers or plants, for a surprising result;

Lights and lighting in the garden, as well as being very useful, because they allow you to spend time outdoors even after sunset, especially in summer when it is particularly pleasant to dine or spend a few hours after dinner in the garden, are excellent elements decorative. On the market, there are really different types, from outdoor lanterns to pendant lamps, to light chains.

Beauty always passes through the details and for this reason, to make your garden complete and more pleasant, do not forget the classic little dwarves, statues, or other decorations.

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