A small garden or small outdoor space is a garden with reduced dimensions but this does not mean that it has no less value than the larger ones. The small size of these gardens with following principles of garden design when designing for smaller spaces garden project must become a strong point of the space that our customers will surely love

How to create a small garden


City gardens are complicated. It is so much easier to make a big country garden.

To create a small garden, the choice of plants must necessarily be directed towards vertical plants, such as climbing plants, or herbaceous plants of medium size, both evergreen, and flowering.
Therefore large trees or shrubs are to be excluded.

As always, some assumptions must be considered, namely:

– an extension of the garden
– a type of soil
– weather conditions
– a type of exposure
– coexistence between plants


We are receiving more and more orders to create gardens on small plots in the newer construction districts, garden communities and small cozy spaces in the historic center. Small gardens in the small spaces of cottages or single-family homes can create cozy places to stay. In conversations with clients, I feel a lot of expectations: to create beauty without reducing the already small space, or to create a garden with few plants, as well as the fear of planting taller plants with a colonial canopy.

I always emphasize: there are several plants and there are several plants. For me, the GARDEN is an abundance of combinations of plants that create a welcoming space and an infinite desire to be in that space, to admire
compositions of combinations of plants, as well as groups of plants that bloom at that time or individual plants. The garden of a small space is created taking into account the style of the house and interior, as well as the wishes and expectations of the client. To make the plants and their colors happy, it is enough to create a background for them by planting a hedge, and sometimes, as a background, you can leave a sealed fence.