What is the green roof?

The green roof, an innovative solution for the well-being of man and the environment. It reduces heat loss and contributes to the reduction of CO2 in the air.

Green roofs, together with vertical greenery, are part of the elite technologies for naturalizing the architectural envelope. In the technological development that has affected the hanging gardens over the years, great strides have been made. The first realizations consisted of installing a stratification mainly composed of loose materials, like an expanded slate for the draining part topped by lightened, more or less performing soils. Today many systems can allow the construction of a green roof. Often these systems do not bring a real technological and plant development improvement compared to the most ancient methods. The real challenge is to obtain better and lasting performance over time. They are using construction techniques, high-performance and innovative materials, and specially pre-cultivated plants for inclusion in the stratification of the roof garden. The different types of green roofs also provide for the system’s adaptation to different needs. An extensive roof gardens a lighter stratification with a reduced section is generally installed. An intensive roof garden, on the other hand, has the aim is to create larger stratification sections with a relative weight increase. 

This difference is closely linked to the different plant species housed in the two creations.

 The extensive green roof hosts herbaceous plants with a prone or ground cover. The intensive roof garden houses herbaceous, shrub, and tree species. In any case, the green roof is a formidable bio-architecture tool, which reduces the structure’s environmental impact and performs various functions. It improves insulation, reducing energy costs for heating and cooling the rooms below. There is also a positive impact on perceived temperatures, noise, and suspended dust abatement. The green roof also increases the value of the architectural structure and actively participates in improving the green quota within the city. Best Landscape Design created the first intensive roof garden in southern Italy, paving the way for this technology even in climatic areas deemed unsuitable. His garden design studio has developed, together with the universities of Catania and Palermo, new, more efficient, and safer technologies. We have collected fundamental technical data, which have led the public administration to consider the green roof as an element to be promoted and encouraged. We are available to all professionals in the sector to share and disseminate the fruit of our research; contact us for any request or clarification.

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