Garden furniture is the series of furniture elements arranged in the external areas of houses or buildings for a dual function: the purely aesthetic one (that is to embellish according to the architectural taste of the time) and the functional one to improve comfort.

piante per un giardino mediterraneo
how to design a Mediterranean garden
Mediterranean Garden - Gardens, types and styles

Who has never really wanted to include a garden lounge in the outdoor spaces of their home? After all, it is not enough to dedicate a few hours to garden furniture and select the best garden chairs and the best garden tables available on the market to quickly obtain an incomparable space, perfect for relaxation and the best of well-being, surrounded by best patio furniture ever. For all those who have really much finer tastes, the discourse varies and soon the ideas of inserting deck chairs in their green spaces, or even better of the splendid hammocks that are absolutely the product to buy in their own green spaces, are approached. if your absolute and first priority is relaxation and nothing else. Enjoying your garden with those you love is essential, but only the best of garden furniture and the perfect garden furniture selected by a team of true experts.

As summer approaches, the desire to renew outdoor spaces rises. Whether you have a garden, a terrace, or even just a balcony, you can decorate it with weatherproof garden furniture suited to your needs: tables, chairs, armchairs, benches and sofas, swings and hammocks, deck chairs, sun loungers, and cushions. Of course, the scorching sun is unforgiving and it will be better to avoid getting burned. You could opt for an umbrella, awning, or shade sail.  

If space permits, a gazebo or pergola will be perfect for creating an area where you can relax away from the sun and wind. A dip in the pool is what it takes to cool off. Depending on the area at your disposal, you can choose an inground pool or an above-ground pool. With water treatments and frequent cleaning, you will always have a clean and sanitized pool. Finally, over the weekend, you can invite friends over for the barbecue. Which do you prefer? A metal or masonry barbecue, portable, gas, with oven, with soapstone or plancha for healthy and fat-free cooking? During your outdoor dinners, outdoor wall lights and solar lamps cannot be missing to complete the garden decor. 

Scented citronella candles will warm the atmosphere and keep mosquitoes away! In order not to ruin the best moments, keep anti-mosquito, anti-ant, and insect repellent products at hand. For outdoor floors, the watchword is resistance: to the sun, water and frost. For this reason, floors and walls must follow precise technical specifications and certifications. Greenlight for materials such as porcelain stoneware, terracotta, natural stone, and concrete. To decorate your outdoor spaces, such as a patio or terrace, you can also opt for a solution in wood or composite wood (WPC), synthetic grass, rosettes, and Japanese steps.

To always keep your lawn and garden tidy, you can’t do without lawnmowers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers. Keep scythes, scissors, shears, and other garden tools handy to care for plants and hedges. When you no longer need them, put everything away in the garden shed. Taking care of plants and flowers requires a lot of attention and constant interventions. The dedication and even the hard work are amply rewarded by the pleasure and satisfaction of planting and seeing grow what you want. The right seeds for lawn, flowers, or vegetable garden, some tools, and the right garden gloves are enough; and certainly many vases, saucers, and planters of different sizes and materials: plastic, terracotta, concrete, metal, wood, and glass. In addition to your green thumb, soils, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and plant care products are essential. Yet their most precious asset is water. If watering cans and surface sprinklers are not enough, you can take care of your crops by installing an irrigation system: underground in the case of lawns, fields, hedges, and trees or micro-irrigation for plants in pots, in the ground, or a greenhouse. With pipes, fittings, accessories, and programmers you can create your tailor-made system and you can be sure to give your plants the correct water supply at the right time.

Mediterranean garden - garden design - Mediterranean garden
Mediterranean garden: what it is, how to do it and design costs
How to decorate the garden in a Mediterranean style



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