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The studio works in projects of various scales, from gardens to urban terraces, from public parks to installations, from flower beds to green roofs, basing its creations on scientific rigor, functionality, and imagination.

The creation and maintenance of green spaces accompany the design activity, to create, through concrete gestures, environments scrupulously studied in the compositional details, both botanical and architectural and material, with a ‘tailor-made’ approach.

Each creation is unique and has a life of its own, but the original works follow a similar construction path, comprising a design phase and an executive phase, which we take care of in person.

We deal with exteriors and interiors in all design phases, finding sustainable solutions to contain costs, avoid waste and reduce the impact on the environment. We always try to develop “the” project that best reflects the needs and wishes of the customer. For this, we are very careful to respect the budget and be transparent in the work.

By choice and passion, we keep ourselves constantly informed and updated on new materials, lines, and trend colors.

Some trusted external professionals are part of our team, with whom we collaborate according to the characteristics of the work to be faced.

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The innumerable botanical varieties, that Nature offers, allow you to create infinite plant combinations, full of beauty and that evolve. It is enough to know how to choose them wisely and respect their characteristics: the right plant in the right place.

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Nature, with its thousand facets and amazing creations and solutions, becomes the ideal inspiration and companion in the world of fantasy. Infinite creative and poetic details integrate and complete paintings built through vegetation and volumes.

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Inviting atmospheres, created by light and enveloping vegetation, by discreet and enchanted lighting effects, by vaporous and rarefied environments, visually connected and seamlessly. Nature welcomes in its generous embrace.

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That of gardens is already an art in itself: harmony, balance of volumes, functionality, simplicity. But its peculiarity is that it leaves room and accompanies many other artistic forms: from sculpture to music, from architecture to poetry. Without entering into competition, but multiplying its value.

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The various interventions, of any type, follow a similar implementation path, consisting of a design phase and an executive phase, both followed and coordinated directly by the Studio.
The Project Phase (PF) is divided into Inspection; Preliminary draft; Executive project; Definition of rough estimates.
The Executive Phase (EF) is divided into Choice of plants in the nursery; Identification of Suppliers and logistics coordination; Implementation.

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