Tropical garden

what is THE tropical GARDEN?

The tropical garden or aesthetic garden is therefore, in the mind of plant lovers, a garden that offers a resemblance to countries considered “exotic”, thus including species that do not have the same appearance as those of our gardens in temperate climates with well marked seasons. .

How to create a tropical garden
Tropical garden
Tropical outdoor plants

Since it is certainly not possible to move to exotic places throughout the summer, why not recreate a tropical environment in your garden? If you like the idea, with the help of some accessories and some exotic plants, you can transform your lawn into a captivating tropical garden, which will become your island.

Indeed, white sand beaches, exotic vegetation, and sea waves are dreams that are sometimes even reality. Still, those of you who are lucky enough to have a garden in your home can live, at least in part, this fantastic dream during all the hot days of the year, and why not also in other seasons, transforming an area of ​​the garden or the whole area in a tropical oasis.

With the use of ad hoc accessories and the cultivation of tropical species, it is possible to set up the garden as if it were an exotic environment, where you can include all the services you will need during the different moments of the day; for example, you can create an outdoor dining and relaxation area, set up with lighting and decking with an exotic design that will distort the appearance and general atmosphere of the whole landscape, giving it the look of a real own tropical garden. A mix of exotic plants and a large palm will accompany all these elements in a complete tropical reinterpretation of your lawn.

If you only have a small courtyard and don’t have very generous sizes, don’t despair! A small fountain, a stone path, and some tropical shrubs will be enough to recreate an exotic environment; ferns are also perfect, with their large leaves creating a suggestive atmosphere and decorating the landscape, giving a wild look to the entire garden.

You can think of adding one or more hammocks to your set-up and, if you do not have any shrubs indicated where to place them, you can find various types on the market already equipped with a supporting structure. A beach chair and wooden flooring will complete your tropical garden.

Exotic greenery is an excellent solution even for small spaces, as these plants, green or flowering, typically with huge leaves, such as small or large palm trees depending on the quality, will create a focal point of interest and a genuinely suggestive atmosphere.
Among the tropical species also suitable for rather cold climates (northern Italy), we find the Chamaerops Humilis (or dwarf palm), the Yucca Gloriosa (or dwarf banana), and many types of ferns, but also climbing plants such as Passiflora, Akebia Quinata and the Solandra that you can plant near a pergola or a small trellis, in areas sheltered from cold currents, and flowering plants such as the Sterlizia, the Hibiscus syriacus, the Protea (which resists well even to frosts), the Calle and also the papyrus.

If, on the other hand, you live in places with a Mediterranean climate, you will have a much wider choice, which also includes all the varieties of succulents, some of which with abundant and beautiful blooms and particularly suggestive dimensions.
When you think of tropical destinations, one of the elements that cannot be missing is water having said that a swimming pool will be able to transform the entire space into a dream tropical garden; better if with a meandering shape and perhaps with the addition of natural stones on the edges or directly in the water.

Even an artificial lake or a stream, which creates ideal environments for cultivating some tropical plants that require a high level of humidity (Calla, Papyrus, Sterlizia), can optimally introduce the element of water. Some straw umbrellas, flower beds with unusual and natural shapes, white gravel mulches, palms and palmettes surrounded by stones, and, if you don’t want to miss anything, an area covered with natural sand; all this will create a fantastic resort right in your home.

Think of the pleasure of lying in the shade of a palm tree, sipping a drink, after a swim in the pool, and maybe at the same time letting your children play with a bucket and spade: you could charge your guests for the ticket!



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