Swimming Pool

what is THE swimming pool?

A swimming pool is defined as a complex equipped for bathing that involves the presence of one or more artificial basins used for research, training, sports, and therapeutic activities carried out in the water contained in the basins themselves.

Small and medium-sized inground pools
Pool Design above ground pools for Garden and Terrace
Outdoor Pools and Indoor Pools

For those who dream of an exclusive oasis of tranquility and well-being in which to immerse themselves and find new energy, The inground or above ground garden pools, perfectly inserted in the greenery, can give comfort and well-being to any home, adding that extra touch of elegance to the surrounding environment: a real corner of peace to devote to fun and entertainment, all times you want! The outdoor pools can be rectangular or free-form, with a hydromassage area or equipped for children’s enjoyment and finished with materials from wood to high-quality and long-lasting mosaics. Whether small or large, garden pools embellish your outdoor space by creating a special place that can excite you every day. How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in the garden? Building and installing a swimming pool in the garden is an added value for the whole family. The price is comparable to purchasing a car and applies to maintenance. Every year the cost of running a swimming pool in the garden is close to servicing and ordinary cleaning of a vehicle. It, therefore, depends on the size and cubic meters of water, but it is certainly a more than sustainable cost.

Water and swimming pools. Water is one of the most significant elements within the landscape achievements. The water inside the garden can perform various functions. I was responding to different aesthetic and functional needs. Water can have a recreational role. This is the case with swimming pools, whirlpools, and outdoor spas.

 Water and swimming pools. It can also be part of the architectural elements of the garden, as in the case of more or more small naturalized tanks and water mirrors.

Participate in the naturalization of the garden when he expresses himself by composing streams and ecosystemic lakes. It can become a natural sculpture. It is proposed inside fountains, damp walls, icing, and naturalized waterfalls.

Finally, it is part of the sound component of the garden. We characterize with its rustling extremely suggestive corners with a solid energetic and spiritual value. Water has always been linked to the garden in many cultures. From the Arabian to Eastern, from European historical parks to the most modern and minimalist landscape installations. The functions of this element within the garden do not stop only at those described. Water is one of the elements that most affect the microclimate through evaporation.

It also has an exceptional attractiveness towards wildlife, mainly birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. It represents the opportunity to cultivate a large group of aquatic, marsh, and bank plants within the garden, significantly increasing its beauty and biodiversity. Through its designers’ experience abroad, Best Landscape Design can decline the water inside the park in the most complex ways.

Comparing designers from different geographical areas and cultures has allowed us to acquire skills and particular sensitivity towards this element. We have developed increasingly modern technologies to ensure the efficiency of water containment structures without forgetting the ancient practices that characterize our culture. Contact us to find out how water can marry the garden, becoming part of your life.




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