March 9, 2022


We create charming garden designs and outdoor space projects to experience the design of your home outdoors. Both for you and your guests.

Living outdoors means prolonging well-being and increasing the comfort and beauty of your home.

Having an outdoor space is a luxury. Whether you have a park, a garden, a terrace or a simple balcony, planning and furnishing an outdoor area is the final crowning of a design home.

To make the most of outdoor spaces it is best to contact outdoor design professionals. Interior and Outdoor Designers like us will be able to guide you in the choice of dividing spaces and volumes, choices of materials, botany and water features.

The exterior of a house is its natural extension and it is important that it is taken care of as much as the interior.

Garden and swimming pool design

What if your dream is a swimming pool? We will know how to make it take into account your wishes and your budget.

The design and construction of swimming pools takes into account the landscape and architectural context in which it is located and the customer’s lifestyle. Each of our swimming pool projects is unique because it is the result of research, creativity and attentive listening to the customer.

Whether you want it in the garden, on the terrace, indoors, infinity, natural, geometric, large, small … we will be able to design your pool and recommend the best solution taking into account prices and maintenance.


Garden, terrace and balcony design

The terraces, as well as the balconies, usually, having small dimensions, do not leave much space for scenic works, but in reality, in the design and construction of terraces, the size does not count but the ideas and design skills are fundamental. Get maximum effect with minimum maintenance.

With new waterproofing technologies and innovative materials, even balconies and terraces will regain dignity.

With our experience, even the smallest spaces will become unique and magical places to live in relaxation and in company.
Our designers design dream terraces and balconies: small spaces but big ideas.

Chairs, folding tables, compact furniture … the flexibility of some furnishings will not save you on style but will ensure the pleasant liveability of the environment.

For example, a bench is a good solution, practical and discreet, it slips under the table, leans against the wall.

And the lighting? the light emphasizes the architecture of the balcony, multiplying the points of direct and indirect light. Our lighting technicians will also guide you in this choice.

The design of terraces, gardens, verandas, pergolas, bioclimatic systems, furnishings, greenery, swimming pools, awnings, custom-made structures, lighting, flooring is in our DNA.

Garden Designer

When designing gardens and terraces, we will define the vegetation project with you and we will define the tree species to be included considering the environment in which they will be planted.
Colors, shapes and smells will be evaluated in the choice, but we will not underestimate the maintenance of the green.

Outdoor Designer: how we work

We design your dream, taking care of everything: tailor-made consultancy, design and construction for the transformation of outdoor spaces.

We will carry out a complete technical distribution and plant engineering study, combining our work as architects with that of the most reliable engineers. Personalization is our strong point.

We will design the entire outdoor space with a single common thread that will harmonize and enhance the particularity of each space.

After analyzing the context of your outdoor space, we will know where to place paths, winds, sunshine.
We will evaluate relaxation areas and we will be able to integrate lighting with architecture by creating exciting plays of light to highlight architectural and vegetative elements. Our lighting experts will highlight volumes, voids, vegetation, glimpses of views.

The external project of your home will not be pure creativity but we will be able to transform every idea into feasibility while keeping an eye on the expected budget.

Our architects supported by engineers and agronomists will integrate the architectural concept, the landscape project and the design of the outdoor spaces with reliability and experience, managing the entire process from design to implementation.

After an inspection, we will provide you with the project, estimates, 3d renderings and photomontages.
We provide all our experience and creativity to make your exterior unique.
By choosing us you will not have to worry about talking to the plumber, the designer, the foreman.

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